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Find Your True Writing Voice - Brighton workshop

📢📢📢I’m really excited to be running this workshop again for Evolution Arts Brighton, upstairs at Brighton Buddhist Centre on Saturday 15th April 2023.

How are you at writing in your real voice? Do you feel as if your soul voice is at odds with what you produce? How can you bring your true self out onto the page, in a way that lets your authenticity shine?

This workshop won’t teach you how to write. What it will do is lay foundations for your writing career. You’ll go deep, and learn the power of expressing yourself as you really are.

You’ll start by recognising what makes an authentic voice, and move on to uncovering your own. On the way, you’ll address the barriers that stop you from putting your true self down on paper.

By the end, you’ll have a short piece of original writing, and a toolbox of tricks that will help you develop that authentic voice throughout the rest of your writing life.

Get empowered. Find, and then learn to love, your true writing voice.

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