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Since 2017 I’ve been the back-page columnist for Breathe magazine. My beat is: dismantling tropes around wellbeing, picking apart unconscious social and personal narratives, and escaping the nonsense thrown at us by societal expectations. I love to engage in complex issues, and I think a wellbeing magazine like Breathe can be part of that engagement. If you read my column, let me know what you think (nicely).

Fancy reading a couple of things for free? Click here for a sample column and a couple of features (or read more good words on my blog right here).


I also write long features on everyday wellbeing, creativity and books. I regularly write for Breathe, but my work has also featured in In The Moment, Planet Mindful and Frank magazine.


Here's what readers say about my writing...

I just read this article and sobbed. Great thoughts to own your experience. Regardless of what you think is not enough. It always is.

I love this piece Stephanie... It's the words used that have the power to make or break me.

I love your article on 'in the borderlands'.

Just read your article... thank you for these powerful reminders x

I just love your back page. Always such words of wisdom!

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