Leave Your Writing Stress With Me

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Are you a business or sole trader that's trying to do good in the world? Perhaps you have a yoga website or wellbeing company. Maybe you're dedicated to education or self-care.


Does writing stuff - for your website, blog, newsletter or emails - take too long or stress you out? Are there other things you'd rather be doing? (Like your actual work, for example).


Do you ever feel you're not as clear as you'd like to be in your written words? You have a passion to share - how do you share it in the best possible way? 

Would you like to (whisper it) make some decent money out of your services?


Then it's time to invest in an approachable, SEO content-qualified copywriter with a passion for communication, and who understands your world.


You want...

You could have...

     An experienced, published writer who loves to communicate

     Someone who understands the SEO that will bring the right visitors to you

     A wellbeing enthusiast who's tried many modalities

      An open-minded person you'll find easy to talk to


       A website review that will show you what to change and how to do it

       Webpages, blog or Insta posts written in ultra-clear language

       Words written by me, but using your tone of voice. It's like magic! 

       Copy for events, workshops, or general information (online or offline)

       A regular newsletter for your subscribers

We'll get along because...

I love working with wellbeing practitioners, or any business that helps people and planet. I'll be the intersection between your speciality and the world of words.


That’s because I’m a brain-heavy word-nerd who’s been on a journey into many aspects of wellbeing – I’ve explored spirituality, nutrition, body therapy, breathwork and much more. I'm also a certified SEO content writer - which means I can help get the content of your website to the top of the Google rankings.

You're the expert in your topic, but I understand your world. Put simply, I'm your ideal customer.

I'm a great listener, and I'm super friendly and approachable. I also know how to ask the right questions. Ones you don't even know need answering.


Get in contact, and we can discuss what might be best for your brand and website.


(I also love helping my local area to thrive – so if you’re a Brighton, Lewes or East Sussex-based business – of whatever sort – get in contact too!)


Thanks so much for your guidance on the website Stephanie. You’ve spotted corrections that I would never have seen, so close to my coalface! You really listened to what I needed and it was such a joy working with you.


Stephanie writes brilliantly crafted, succinct pieces laced with humour and filled with insights. She quickly understood the brief we gave her and did an impressive amount of research on what we do and the kind of audience we talk to. The blogposts she has written have attracted plenty of positive attention on our website and form an effective part of our content strategy. We’re looking forward very much to working with Stephanie over the months to come. 


7 more reasons to work with me

  • I'm a certified SEO content writer with distinction from the College of Media & Publishing

  • I've been a freelance wellbeing journalist for 5 years with the super-bestselling Breathe magazine

  • I spent 12 years writing press releases and blogs, organising events, talking to the public and generally getting stuff done on a voluntary basis for an anti-poverty campaigning charity.

  • I'm a published non-fiction self-help author and novelist.

  • I've been a teacher for over 20 years working with people from all walks of life, held in immigration detention (which means I'm an expert communicator).

  • I've run workshops and courses since 2020 on everyday, digital & workplace wellbeing (both in-person and on Zoom). 

  • I have a foundation-level breathwork practice from Inspirational Breathing, plus I've researched extensively into nutrition and neuroplasticity. I've experienced the powers of herbalism, cacao ceremonies, reiki healing, and plenty of your everyday wellbeing practices, from yoga to aromatherapy.