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My 8-Step Website Rewrite Process

Want to know how the website rewrite package works? Then have a look at my highly specific copywriting process below.



For a big project, it’s important we’re the right fit. You’ve found me via a personal recommendation or an online search. We’ll exchange a couple of emails and set up a free discovery call, if that floats your boat. We can ask each other ballpark questions to establish that we’ll work well together. Hopefully, we’ll be colleagues and also friends.



I then craft a bespoke proposal for the project you need, explaining my process, but in more detail. I make it specific to your business, and among many juicy titbits, it contains:

  • A full project quote

  • The scope and timeline

  • The specific problems I’ll tackle, and the pages I’ll write

  • T&Cs, and all the bumf you need.


If you agree the proposal (I sincerely hope you do) I then take a 50% deposit upfront.



After you agree the proposal and book in any optional extras, we set a time & date for your Personal Workshop (60-90 minutes).

Beforehand, you’ll fill in a fun and easy Brand Personality Questionnaire, and receive your free introductory welcome pack.

In the workshop I’ll ask questions that will lead to discussions. We’ll work through and establish:

  • your story

  • your wishes and aims

  • your tone of voice

  • what makes you unique

  • ... and some other aspects of your business that will help me write the copy.


You may never have thought about some of these answers. Even better! As this workshop will benefit you not just now, but in the future too.

(By the way, I love running workshops as I’ve been working with people in this way for over 20 years. I am an excellent listener).



From your answers, I then craft a brief, using your words wherever possible.

I send it to you, and you add, amend, and approve. Then I use that document as my Bible for writing your copy.



After you return the brief, I do the following:

  • Research your competitors

  • Explore the best way to a) bring visitors to your site and b) convert those visitors into clients or customers.


This includes using the appropriate SEO keywords, copy layout, calls to action, and so on.

I then write Version 1 of your complete website copy. I’ll collaborate with your web designer if you have one, and it’s appropriate. Or I’ll work solo. Either way is fine.

If I don’t work with a designer, I’ll create a mock-up of your website layout (called a ‘wireframe’), so you can see how the words will look on each webpage. Although this will be the less jazzy version, as I write either on Microsoft Word or Google docs (depending on which format you prefer).

You get Version 1 between 2-4 weeks from your return of the brief (depending on how many website pages you need).

You then read the copy, and make any necessary changes on the document (using Track Changes), or as a comment.

You then have 2 weeks to return it to me, or let me know when it’s done.



This incorporates all those changes you added to Version 1.

You get this 1-2 weeks after you return Version 1.

You then make minor tweaks to the document, and return it once more.

I also send you the final invoice at this stage. This is because 90% of the work is now done.



Also known as Version 3. When I send this to you, the copy is done, bar the proofreading and a few admin bits.

As soon as you approve this, I get the copy proofread, and add meta titles & meta descriptions.



I then send you the FINAL VERSION, which you can now use this for your website. My words are now yours!

For your site to show up in Google using my SEO keywords, you’ll need to wait a few months. It’s not guaranteed, as Google uses so many factors to work out what should show up on the first page of a search.

We’ll stay in touch, and you can let me know how your business grows.

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