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Creative, Digital & Everyday Wellbeing

"The workshop was a real blessing. Left me buzzing with lots of inspiration and practical tips."

Stephanie at Brighton Summit - Unfrazzle workshop_edited.jpg

Image: Sarah Bennett

Are you a frazzled human who needs some headspace and time out? 

Or a creative person who needs some nurturing self-care?

Great - you're in the right place.

My workshops and short courses provide practical tools, a supportive environment and an opportunity to get to know better the most important person in your life - you.

Unfrazzle workshops for busy people

It's not what you do. It's how you do it.
attendees at Brighton Summit Unfrazzle workshop_edited.jpg

Image: Sarah Bennett

  • Get a handle on your smartphone use, and learn some digital wellbeing.

  • Discover how you're keeping yourself frazzled - and turn your habits around.

  • Create some headspace and time out, without needing to find more hours in the day.

  • Enjoy a supportive, fun, nurturing environment, expertly facilitated.

Sessions delivered online or in-person (Brighton / Lewes or further afield )

Partner Testimonials


"Stephanie's pace, style and presentation worked well with our audience.

We had at least 30 of our members attend online, one of the largest audiences ever for a lunchtime session.

There was plenty of interaction, and a lot of people were pleasantly surprised at some of the techniques suggested. These were things they had not considered before to help them in their daily life."

Mark Williams, Brighton & Hove City Council

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"Stephanie is a pleasure to work with. She’s very personable, organised, and has a good sense of humour. She can go deep, and can also be quite light.


I can see that the students benefit from the workshops that she provides. 

We would absolutely recommend Stephanie as a tutor."

Kate O'Brien, Evolution Arts & Wellbeing.

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"Stephanie led an Unfrazzle workshop for 50 attendees at Brighton Summit: Unite.


It was very popular and afterwards people talked about how much they had taken away and would implement straight away. Always a good sign!"

Sarah Springford, CEO Brighton Chamber.

Unfrazzle book cover

The content of this workshop is based on my book Unfrazzle: The Easy Way To Reclaim Your Calm.

Find Your True Writing Voice

Learn the tricks that make you tick

Writing with Pen
  • Uncover your true writing voice

  • Find out when you're being truthful - and when you're wearing a mask

  • Blast unhelpful self-talk out of the park

  • Create a piece of writing using your true voice

1 - 3 hour sessions, delivered online or in person (Brighton / Lewes area)

One-to-one sessions also available - get in touch


"Stephanie comes with questions which are simple yet powerful and gently encourages you to enquire within, not only on your approach to writing but on your path as a human being. She does this with great humanity and sensitivity. She is also extremely well organised and a brilliant communicator. I would definitely recommend her to others."

Alinah Azadeh, Writing Our Legacy



I am really enjoying the course … You have pitched it so well, it feels perfect in terms of session length, content and timing… and I am definitely much more aware of things I can change day by day which are helping with balance and combating frazzle.


The workshop was a real blessing. Left me buzzing with lots of inspiration and practical tips.


Thank you so much for running the Unfrazzle course, it has helped me so much. Taking control of my phone use has made such a difference to my life! I really enjoyed the course and would thoroughly recommend it. 


Just wanted to say thanks so much for such a great workshop. Even the quiz was quite an eye-opener! 


Public Speaking

I love public speaking! I'm happy to show up and speak on all of my specialities. Click the link to watch me speaking at the book launch for Unfrazzle in February 2020.

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