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Unfrazzle Workshops For Staff

If you’re the wellbeing lead or director of your network or organisation, you can book a one-off Unfrazzle session, or a package of workshops.


If you think your team needs some light-hearted relief, then book an in-person Laughter Yoga session. I work predominately out of the Brighton & East Sussex area, but if you live further afield, do get in touch as I love to travel.

If online, I’ll lead the session on Zoom, Teams, or any other platform you use. You’ll have slides (reproduced as a PDF if you wish), plus handouts.

In-person sessions can be done either with or without accompanying slides. You’ll have handouts in the form of quizzes, and you can be emailed the notes afterwards if you wish.

1-hour Unfrazzle Workshop

  • Learn what frazzle is, and how it’s affecting your life in ways you might not have expected.

  • Discover your personal ‘frazzle values’ via a handy quiz.

  • Learn the two principles of Unfrazzle, and use them to regain your life.

  • Easy ways to manage your digital or smartphone use, and get a better night’s sleep.

  • Ideal for a lunchtime session

½ day Unfrazzle Workshop

This session gives an opportunity to explore every aspect of Unfrazzle, from recognising frazzle, to managing smartphone use, getting a better night’s sleep, and discovering ‘blank time’.

As with the two-hour workshop, there is plenty of opportunity for pair and group work. The one and two-hour workshops address the causes of frazzle, and how to stop it.

The longer and further sessions are for inputting positive habits and behaviours, using the principle of neural rewiring to change your life for the better.

Laughter Yoga Workshop

Laughter - whether real or fake - lifts your mood, releases feelgood brain chemicals, and boosts your immune system.

It incorporates silly games, clapping and cheering. It doesn't include any yoga, apart from a brief meditation at the end.

Ideal for in-person groups. Can be added on to any of the Unfrazzle sessions, or booked as a standalone.

2-hour Unfrazzle Workshop

The same format as the one-hour session, but with time to discuss in groups / breakout rooms.


The biggest benefit of this is the sharing opportunity. Usually, good ideas arise when we work together. There’s also more time to answer questions and explore areas that come to the surface.

3 x 1-hour Unfrazzle Workshops

A series of lunchtime workshops that provide the same benefit as the ½ day workshop.

Full day Unfrazzle Workshop (or 2 x ½ days)

This full day incorporates somatic awareness.

You’ll move from unfrazzling as per the previous workshops, to inputting positive habits such as 'blank time', and then onto reconnecting with the senses.

This workshop incorporates breathwork and laughter yoga for a 360-degree Unfrazzle experience.

Why me?

I’ve been working in a corporate security environment for 23 years, within a public-private partnership setting.

That means I understand the pressures that come with both – often the ones that stop you from doing your actual job.

I’m also an expert in wellness and stress management. That’s partly because my corporate job entails working with residents (many with mental health issues) held in the stressful environment of immigration detention.

The freelance part of my life revolves around stress management and unfrazzling. I’m a wellbeing writer and workshop facilitator. In 2020 I wrote a book, Unfrazzle, upon which these workshops are based. I’ve been a teacher for most of my working life, and love nothing better than enabling others to build on knowledge, and learn by practical application.

My style is calm and encouraging, with a good dose of humour. I’m energising, an excellent communicator, and authentic but professional.

I work both in-person and online (Zoom, Teams, or any other platform you use). And I'm a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader (with a certificate from the Laughter University, no less).

But don’t trust me – see my testimonials below.

Stephanie Lam Writer & Workshop Leader.jpg


I want every type of organisation to be able to access my services. The sliding scale means that you're not priced out. For in-person sessions, travelling time + expenses may be added on (depending on distance). Contact me for more details.

Small Charity (fewer than 30 staff)

1-hour: £100

2-hour: £180

Half day (3 hrs): £270

3 x 1-hour (if booked together): £290

Full day: £540

SME (fewer than 250 staff)

1-hour: £200

2-hour: £360

Half day (3 hrs): £540

3 x 1-hour (if booked together): £580

Full day: £1080

Large Charity / Public Sector (31+ staff)

1-hour: £150

2-hour: £270

Half day (3 hrs): £415

3 x 1-hour (if booked together): £435

Full day: £840

Standard (any organisation)

1-hour: £250

2-hour: £450

Half day (3 hrs): £675

3 x 1-hour (if booked together): £725

Full day: £1350

What People Say About Me


Alinah Azadeh, Writing Our Legacy

"Stephanie comes with questions which are simple yet powerful. She is also extremely well organised and a brilliant communicator. I would definitely recommend her to others."

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