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What is copywriting?

Updated: Jan 11

Copywriting is writing that sells.

Copywriting uses words to sell a product, a service, or an idea.

Every memorable bit of advertising you’ve read is copywriting.

Every bit of text that talks about a problem, a dream, or anything that made you go ooh, I want that, is copywriting.

Imagine you're searching online, and on a website you find THE solution to your problem. Maybe it was a problem you didn’t know you had. Whatever, that text was written by a copywriter.

Do you have (or are planning to have) a website that sells your services?

Potential clients need to find you. And when they’ve found you, they need to know why they should work with you, and not person X down the street.

A copywriter will take your niche. They'll clarify it, and communicate your uniqueness, using the right tone of voice. They’ll know how to write to attract clients – specifically, the clients you want to work with.

Words are a tricky magic. But when they work, they really work.

A copywriter will also work magic on jumbled, confusing, word salads. The bits of your writing that make you go hmnghhhh.

They create clarity out of confusion. They see your website from a visitor’s point of view. Not yours.

They know how to get the basics right. A Home page that’s welcoming to the right people.

An About page that isn’t self-indulgent or cringy. A services or products page that

describes what you do with super-clear language.

When do I need a copywriter?

Let’s be clear. You don’t NEED a copywriter. If you already have experience in marketing, you may well not need a copywriter.

Can you write in good, plain English? Is investing in a copywriter’s services out of your budget? Then spend a little time learning some marketing basics, and write the copy yourself.

Does writing stress you out? Are you able to invest in a professional service? Do you want to attract a particular type of client? Then a copywriter can help.

What other services could I hire a copywriter for?


Once you have a website, it’s a good idea to use one page as your blog.

The blog is where you can add news about your business. It can also be longer pieces about aspects of your business. It might be your philosophy, how you got started, or anything else that’s relevant.

Having a blog is REALLY good for SEO. If you have valuable, business-related content, with the right keywords, you may get near the top of a Google search.

Email newsletter:

You can add a form to your website to sign visitors up to your newsletter.

The newsletter can be a bit like a blog, with lots of different pieces of information. A good newsletter usually offers advice or information for free. And as you’re the expert, you’ll have lots of that on your specialist subject.

You can send a newsletter as often as you like. As well as free stuff for readers, there’s also an enticement to your readers to book your service. So you can write about a new service, or remind them about what you offer, with links to buy.

Social media posts:

Some people really love posting on social media. Others either hate it, or they don’t have the time.

Hiring a copywriter to put together your posts means you can get your business and content out there. But you don't have to think about it yourself. It’s a bit like blogging, but it’s easier for people to read your social media posts.

With a blog, they have to actively go on your website. Social reaches more people (but there’s also more competition).

Leaflets / Reports / Brochures:

These are great if you’re a local business. For example, if you live in East Sussex, you can hire a copywriter in Brighton to write leaflets or reports that showcase your business.

(*coughs* And yes, I am a copywriter based in Lewes and Brighton).

Hiring a local copywriter is great if you also work in the area, because they’ll have a good idea of your market. They might be one of your ideal customers.

You can also meet face to face for a cup of tea. Which is a win-win in my book!

How much does a copywriter cost?

I can't tell you how much every copywriter costs. But I can tell you what I cost. Whizz over to my Copywriting Services page to find out the not-so-secret answer to that question.

And if you want to ask me anything about copywriting, send me a message via the form below.

All best


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