IMG_20141110_134354I was born and raised in London, but for many years now I’ve lived by the sea, in Brighton on the south coast of England.

I love walking by the beach to watch the waves crash against the shore. I also love sitting in one of Brighton’s many cafés, either scribbling notes for a book or watching the world go by.

As well as writing, I’m also a teacher, and I work with people who are being held at a detention centre near Gatwick Airport. I love my job, but I also love the escape that comes from immersing myself in writing fiction when I get home.

I’m now totally immersed in my second novel. There’s a connection within it to my first book, The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House, but I’ve also got a whole new set of characters and mysteries. I’m having a great time putting it all together, and I hope one day to be able to share it with you.